Boise, Idaho 19 August 2011:


Jesse Norris, 18 and Sarah Rogers, 18 will travel represent Idaho and the USA this year at the IPF Sub-Junior/Junior World Powerlfting Championships, August 30-September 4, 2011 in Moose Jaw, Canada. Jesse will be making his 3rd trek to the world championships and Sarah will be traveling abroad for the first time.

Jesse will be one of the most experienced members of Team USA this year and he hopes to bring home Gold again this year after winning his first world championship gold last year in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Jess is the current World Record holder in the squat, deadlift and total for lifters in the 183lb category under 19 years old. Sarah is currently ranked #3 in her weight class and hopes to make the platform at the end of the day and she has a great chance at setting a new national bench record for her weight class.

Nampa, Idaho 30 June 2010:


Jesse Norris, 17 and Kenzie Hower, 19 will travel with TEAM USA this year to Pilsen, Czech Republic for the IPF Sub-Junior/Junior World Powerlifting Championships, August 30-September 5, 2010. Both lifters represented Idaho and the USA last year and both performed very well with Kenzie taking Gold overall and Jesse taking the Silver medal overall while competing in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. This year Jesse hopes to take that experience and turn it to Gold in his weight class and also hopes to extend his current World Record Squat of 705lbs(320kg). Kenzie will be competing for the first time in the very competitive Junior division and hopes to make the platform in her first appearance as a Junior lifter. Kenzie also hopes to squat over 500lbs(227.5kig) for the first time in competition. Plans have been made tickets purchased and the fundraising has started to help pay for the trip.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 28 March 2010:


Team Idaho traveled to upper midwest this year to participate in this year's championships and although, overall we were a fairly young team, we performed very well. 12 lifters from Idaho made the trip and this year we had 6 girls qualify and 4 made the journey, 2 of those at nationals for the first time. Actually 7 of the 12 lifters representing Idaho were making the trip to nationals were rookies.
Stand outs this year at the championships were Jesse Norris(Columbia HS), Spencer Beale(Lewiston HS) and Russel Oyler(Columbia HS). Jesse won his weight division and reset the National and American records in the process. Unofficially exceeding the current World Squat record for <18yr olds @ 181lbs by over 38lbs. The anticipation of Jesse's lifts created an enormous amount chatter among the coaches and competitors during the days prior and when he completed his 700lb squat the entire arena erupted with hollars of support. Jesse is finished with a 16

Boise, Idaho 30 December 2009:
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Team Idaho stepped in and hosted this year's Idaho State Open Championships after Fitness, Inc. in Pocatello was unable to put on the event.
"The Idaho Open has been a consistent qualifying event in Idaho for quite a number of years so it was important to everyone that the event happen." remarked Steve Rayborn, coach for Team Idaho. "If we have to step in to help out to make sure this long running meet happens, we are glad to do it. A good number of our young lifters use this meet as their first qualifying opportunity for High School Nationals."
This year's event had great local support from, Optimum Nutrition and especially Dave Morgan over at Cambria Suites who offered up a couple of rooms for our visiting officials. Columbia High School was the lifting site and fans were welcome to watch for free. It was a great day of lifting and we seated the necessary National Judges to watch a number of American Records get broken. Among those posting new American records were: Danny Flonta, Jesse Norris and John Regis.
We will have to wait until next summer to see if the meet will move back to Pocatello, but if Team Idaho is asked to put it on again we know we have the local support to put on a quality event. The link below is a copy of the results.



What a year Team Idaho has had! Our three world qualifiers all made the podium in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil in September.

Jesse Norris, our youngest lifter on the USA team took the Silver Medal overall and was able to take Gold in the Deadlift. Jesse struggled to get his opening squat passed by all 3 judges, but once he shook off the nerves he lifted flawlessly until his final deadlift. Jesse finished with a silver in the squat 628lbs, bronze in the bench, 364lbs a new PR, gold in the deadlift, 617lbs. Jesse's total of 1609lbs was not what he expected, but placed him solidly in 2nd place overall. Being able to compete at the World Championships as a 16 year old enables Jesse to possibly return with Team USA Sub-Juniors for 2 more years. His experience and competitive nature will provide excellent leadership for the team in the future.

Kenzie Hower, our other Sub-Junior lifter this year won the World Championship going away and set a new World Squat Record in the process. However, that's not the real story. Kenzie had one of the best meets in her life, if not the best, while she was in her 3rd day of the Swine Flu!! We really had to adjust all of her opening lifts due to the illness, but she ended up hitting all new PR's, sweeping the Gold Medals and setting a new record. Kenzie went 8 for 8 since we passed her 3rd squat after she broke the record, figured we would save it for the other lifts. She squatted 488.5lbs, benched 204lbs and deadlifted 353lbs for a 1045lb total. She was pretty miserable the days prior to her lifting due to the fact we couldn't give her much more than ibuprofen since she might get drug tested. We didn't want to take any chances with something popping up in a test. I was hoping she would have been the first 18 year old female to ever squat over 500lbs at the World Championships and we had cycled to accomplish that, but the flu changed all of our plans. I think she is pretty happy with the results though. Kenzie hopes to make the Junior team this next year and can't wait to get that first official 500lb squat.

Kenzie's World Record Squat

Our first Junior female, Amanda Moe, performed very well as she entered new territory as a Junior lifter this year. The junior division features lifters 19-23 years old and being a new face and one of the youngest in her class Amanda had a great meet taking Bronze overall. Amanda took silver in the squat with a 435lb squat, benched 165lbs and stole the bronze medal in deadlift with a 380lb deadlift. Amanda finished with a 981lb total and will be a solid performer on Team USA Juniors for years to come. Amanda has moved to Louisiana for school and to continue her lifting and we all hope she continues to impress everyone as she matures in this sport.

I am looking forward to the new chapters in 2010. We have some great new faces coming along and if things work out well we should see new Team Idaho lifters making their mark on the National and International scale.

Boise, Idaho 31 July 2009:


Boise, Idaho 15 July 2009:
Idaho will send 3 of its best Junior/Sub-Junior Powerlifters to represent Team USA at the IPF World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This will be the first time Team USA will have 3 lifters from the same high school representing at the same time.

This will be Amanda Moe's third trip abroad representing the USA and her first trip as a Junior lifter after sweeping the gold medals at the 2008 World Championships in South Africa. She is looking forward to the challenges of the older age bracket and hopes to place in the top 3. Amanda will be competing in the 19-23 year old Junior class at 165lbs or 75kg.

Kenzie Hower will be making the trip with Team USA for the first time after qualifying at High School National Championships in Killeen, Texas in April. At that competition Kenzie set a new National Squat record by squatting 473lbs on her third attempt. She went on to break her own personal best Total record and setting a new Idaho State Record Teen Total @ 992lbs. Kenzie will be competing in the 18 and under class at 181lb or 82.5kg and hopes to break the Sub-Junior World Squat Record in Brazil. Current record is 487lbs.

Jesse Norris, at 16, will be one of the youngest lifters representing the USA at this year's World Championships, but don't let that fool you. Jesse gained a lot of fans and respect in Denver at the Men's National Championships when he broke a 9 year old World Sub-Junior Squat Record. (formerly held by a Russian lifter) Jesse squatted 640.5lbs and definately had more in the tank. Keep in mind he was 15 when he broke a record for the 18yr old division. Jesse finished with an impressive 1605lbs total and is currently ranked #2 in the world behind the leader by 2kg. Jesse will be competing in the 18 and under class at 181lbs or 82.5kg and expects to break his own new World Squat Record.